This is Rhaego and he is owned by Courtney W.

He was born on Aug 30, 2016.

He has been in service dog training since he was 8 weeks old. This picture was taken at 14 weeks old.

Puppy reservations are on a first come basis. I have the right to select show/breeding first.

Show/breeding stock will be given consideration above companion stock.

Pups are priced starting at $1600.  Longhaired pups are $1000. (Note, no longhairs have been born for 6 yrs)

If you show the dog and receive a championship, have a clear eye and hip certification, then and only then can they be bred. All pups are sold on a non-breeding contract,

which is endorsed and kept on file with the CKC.

Transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Delivery to the Edmonton International Airport will be $75. Delivery to other places in Alberta are $0.50 per kilometer.

A minimum of $200 will guarantee a pup for you. This will be refunded if the female fails to conceive, or no pups are born of the sex you request. Deposits are not refunded on puppies already born.

All pups are sold with a Canadian Kennel Club registration (papers), first shots, deworming, tattooing, Pet Plan Insurance, and after sale support.

All companion dogs must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Dog Information