This is Rhaego and he is owned by Courtney W.

He was born on Aug 30, 2016.

He has been in service dog training since he was 8 weeks old. This picture was taken at 14 weeks old.

Puppy reservations are on a first come basis. I have the right to select show/breeding first.

Show/breeding stock will be given consideration above companion stock.

Pups are priced starting at $1500.  Longhaired pups are $700.

If you show the dog and receive a championship, have a clear eye and hip certification, then and only then can they be bred. All pups are sold on a non-breeding contract,

which is endorsed and kept on file with the CKC.

Transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Delivery to the Edmonton International Airport will be $75. Delivery to other places in Alberta are $0.50 per kilometer.

A minimum of $200 will guarantee a pup for you. This will be refunded if the female fails to conceive, or no pups are born of the sex you request. 

All pups are sold with a Canadian Kennel Club registration (papers), first shots, deworming, tattooing, Pet Plan Insurance, and after sale support.

All companion dogs must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Dog Information