A Renowned Akita Breeder , Cheryl has passed away, I need to pause to regain her momentum of her Akita line, please monitor this site for updates.

                                                                                                       Regards Scott Sadler

Coming from only the finest of bloodlines, I breed and train my Akitas to be the champions that they are. With careful attention paid to the heritage of my dogs, I ensure the finest qualities are bred into them.. Training  and learning starts as soon as he pups are born.

All my pups and adults have excellent temperaments that make them very good family companions.

​Find the Akita at the dog daycare. His name is Atticus. This is a testament to the temperament of my dogs!!

Breeding & Raising Akitas


News: There are no planned litters at this time. 

​​Kytao Kennels Reg.

Breeder of purebred American Akitas. We are located near Edmonton, Alberta

The kennel was established in 1981. I am a life member of the Canadian Kennel Club and I have raised champions and companions since this time.This kennel has a long and respected reputation in the show ring and in our companion dogs. I have bred Akitas exclusively, and only breed the North American type.

All my dogs are carefully bred and lovingly raised in the home. I have sold dogs across Canada, the States, and the UK..  Many of my dogs have worked or continue to work, in Search and Rescue, bear control- notably with the oil fields, forestry and at the Skeena Rivers Salmon Research facility. I also put the first Sheep Herding Certificate on an Akita in Canada.
All the dogs are bred to conform to the highest standards of structure, movement and temperament.

                                                         All visitors are welcome to view the dogs and the kennels by appointment.